Watch a Lasting Friendship of Kittens and Guinea Pig

It’s always rather sweet when different species of animal become friends. Cats are absolutely spectacular in that. This video shows different animals can definitely be friends and live in one place. But when the friendship lasts for a prolonged period of time, it becomes that little bit extra special. A cat and a guinea pig are such friends and have lived together amicably for over a year.

Cats and Guinea pig can be a great companion and good pets to adopt. They are very playful and mischievous in nature and love to pound and leap from place to place. Cats love to make friends with other different animals. In this video you can see kittens making friendship with Guinea Pig. In this clip the cat rests in its bed and uses the guinea pig, which appears to be completely pleased, as a cushion.

The video concludes with the owner stroking the two animals, which look certain to remain friends forever. It’s too cute to watch the two little kittens, get up close and personal with the family guinea pig. They simply love to play together. As playtime goes on, in rolls a baby guinea pig in a transparent ball. They are so cute and funny to watch.

Watch this video to know what happens when a tiny kitten and a pet guinea pig move in together? Obviously both will move ahead to strengthen their bonding. Both are ready to start a lasting friendship.